Medium Swirls Marks and Scratches 


Detailing 1 Washing Vehicle 

Detailing 3 Preparing the vehicle 

Plus as follows below 


  • 3rdStage Rotary Machine Polish - challenging each panel by panel.

  • Polishing compounds using only the best on the market 3m etc. 

  • Buffing with thick microfiber towels gently .

  • Rinse all vehicle gently with pressure washer 

  • Drying all vehicles with thick drying microfiber towels.

  • Sealing the paint,

  • Stage 1 waxing the vehicle (see Detailing 2) including high trend waxes (Swiss wax, Mitchell and King)



Small £350.00 

Large £400.00 


7 Hours plus


Ceramic coating 


Paint Correction 2


Its for vehicles with medium swirls, light holograms or spider webs that have been build while washing incorrectly for long time or paint has faded slightly. This will bring out the paint in perfection condition and also protect. 

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