Full Valet


  • Carpet vacuumed, Seats vacuumed, Door pockets vacuumed Boot Vacuumed. 

  • Interior Roof cleaned and washed.

  • Carpet, Seats, Doors, Matts and boot brushed and shampooed.

  • Seatbelts cleaned/washed.

  • Seat rails brushed and cleaned

  • Vacuumed sucking the water and dirt, 

  • Leather Cleaned treated and conditions.

  • Wiped and treated all interior plastic 

  • Dashboard cleaned/washed and treated.

  • Drink Holder cleaned/washed and treated.

  • Interior dashboard trims polished/waxed. 

  • Interior refreshed and bacteria killed and perfumed. 

  • Glass interior and Exterior Cleaned and treated. 


Small £200.00

Large £250.00 


1Day Depends on the condition of interior


Interior Full Valet

Full valet its recommended for vehicles with heavy stains and marks thats not been looked after for a while, 80 to 90 % percent the stain will be removed or more. It depends on the condition of the interior but in recent full valets we have managed to have very good feedback when all stain have been removed. 

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