Exterior detailing involves cleaning and restoring or exceeding the original condition of the surface of the car's finish (usually a paint with a glossy finish),

chrome trim, windows, wheels, and tires, as well as other visible components on the exterior of a vehicle.

Exterior Option 1 Wash/Snow foam/Shampoo 

  • Degrease alloys and bottom of the vehicle

  • Rinse car with pressure washer.

  • Snow foam all car.

  • Wash Alloys Using new advance chemical that is free from acid and with special brushes and wash mitts 

  • Rinse,

  • Car Drying - New Microfiber towels using slow motion technic that will prevent any swirls on the car.

  • Single stage spray Polish or Wax.

  • Tyre dressing 


Interior Option 1

  • Interior cleaned and vacuumed, Including hard to get areas such us edges of the seats, under the seats, side of the seats etc. 

  • Door seals, pockets, handle  and plastic cleaned and treated.   

  • Mats cleaned or washed if necessary.    

  • Glass cleaned Interior and Exterior.

  • Dashboard cleaned and treated  

  • Air vents cleaned and brushed 

  • Drink holder cleaned and treated  

  • Car boot cleaned and treated

  • Steering wheel cleaned and brushed 




EXTERIOR Small Saloon £20 Large £25

INTERIOR Small Saloon £20 Large £25


One and half hour for exterior or have the interior included for 2 hours plus ( depends on condition). 


2 Backet Challenge £20




Essential Detailing 1

It's recommended for vehicles that want to maintain and protect the paint and the gloss of the vehicles. 

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Did you know ...


All Vehicles that we wash and treat we use only PH chemicals that are safe to wash any vehicle without harming the paint or plastic. Its all free from acids and harmful products . 

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