Enhancement its recommended to the vehicles that require gloss and protection to bring up the shine and also protect from harm weather conditions.


We have different variety of waxes such as protection and gloss, we advice that customer select one before applying. 

Exterior Option 2 Polish/Waxing 


  • Degrease alloys and bottom of the vehicle

  • Rinse car with pressure washer.

  • Snow foam all car.

  • Wash Alloys Using new advance chemical that is free from acid and with special brushes and wash mitts 

  • Rinse,

  • Then we wash the car with - 2 new wash mitts, using beckets with grid method.

  • Rinse,

  • Car Drying - New Microfiber towels using slow motion technic that will prevent any swirls on the car.

  • Air compressor - blowing any left water on mirrors etc.

  • Removing any tar or glue

  • Tyre dressing 

  • Wipe With alcohol wipes to remove any wax or glue.

  • 1 Stage polish /Wax using rotary machine to enhance the shine of the vehicle and sealant the paint (We have different range of waxes please ask to make sure that you have selected the right one before purchase, as each wax depends on its own merits and durability) 



Small £80.00 ( Depend on Wax Selection) 

Large £100.00 ( Depend on Wax Selection) 


2 to 3 hours plus 


Swiss Wax £80.00 Durability 8 months plus

Mitchell and King £60 Durability 6months plus


Enhancement will bring out the shine and gloss to the vehicle will also protect to any harm weather conditions, this is also ideal for PreSale as it will bring out the shine to show room finish. 

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